David Egan Photography

About the Cars and Coffee Galleries

These galleries are not a collection of what was there on any given week. There are photographers who make those images, and do it well. I appreciate and support their work.

I do something else.

Being both a car guy and a former product photographer, I shoot what I find beautiful: sweet lines, sinuous curves, rich colors, flawless workmanship, sumptuous materials, exquisite details. I do my best to capture those things to create images that I find interesting.

Most of my post-camera work is subtractive. That is to say, I “repair” paint issues, scratches, and other signs of wear and tear, I make pollen and the like go away, and I work with reflections to eliminate distractions (and sometimes me!).

All of that is in the interest of “chipping away the stone” to reveal the beauty of the thing within. Great cars as works of art.

I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. Each image is identified as completely and as accurately as possible, given that I’m usually shooting quickly and moving on. As much as I like to talk with other owners, I don't want  to be one more voice asking for year/make/model.